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Fix epub validation errors

Will you be interested if a real human being manually fixes the validation errors for FREE in your ePub file and send you a validated ePub for you to upload to your favorite eBook distributor without the worries.

A real human being will go through all the validation errors and file them one by one without messing up your formatting.

Please understand not all ePub validation errors can be fixed, specially if the number of errors are too high and if the manuscript you used for the conversion was poorly formatted. But I’ll try my best and let you know if it is not possible.

what are the limits?

  • Available only for self-publishing authors who DIY format their books, not for publishers and eBook formatters
  • Maximum size limit for ePub files 15MB.
  • Fixed-formatted ePub files are not accepted

So whats the catch?

You could help me by:

  • Sharing any of the articles and video you like with your followers
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  • Take a look at my paid services you might be intersted for a future project

Sending the File

Please use the form below to send the file for fixing. Please make sure to check the spam/junk folder in case you didn’t get a response within the 24 hrs.