Fix ePub validation and upload errors for free

Do you have an ePub with errors preventing your book from being uploaded to an online bookstore or do you need to make any minor changes to your ePub?

What if I tell you I can go inside the ePub HTML code and fix the errors and make any changes.

I will help you with the task free of charge.

Before we start you need to check the following:

Open the ePub file using Adobe Digital Editions (free from in a PC or Mac (Yes, no mobile please☺). Go through the file and see if there are any layout/formatting issues. If there are, try to fix them and reconvert the book and check again for formatting/layout and validation errors.

If the problem remains or the book does not open then that’s where I come in ☺.

Most of these errors come from using conversion software or exporting as an ePub from a software (Calibre, InDesign etc).

How do I fix these errors?

Email the ePub to with all the error information, screenshots would be great. I will check and get back to you with the details.

I am an eBook formatter. I make ePub files in HTML. I will go through the file and change the HTML code without changing the formatting.

Please note not every book can be fixed, or fixed without changing the formatting. There could be exceptions. It all depends on the book and how it was formatted.